One of the goals of New Rochelle Opera is to provide aspiring young professional singers an opportunity to showcase their talents in a full-length opera production.
We are honored to include the following list of professional artists among the many
who have graced the NRO stage throughout the years.


Chad Armstrong, Met Opera Chorus
Brian Anderson, Met Opera Chorus
Nathan Bahny, Met Opera Chorus
Joshua Benevento, Met Opera Chorus
Ross Benoliel, Met Opera Chorus
Gregory Buchalter, Met Opera Assistant Conductor
Francisco Cassanova, Met Opera Principal
Kevin Courtemanche, Met Opera Chorus
Karen Foster, Chicago Lyric Opera Chorus & Principal Cover
Steven Fredericks, Met Opera Chorus
James Garner, Met Opera Chorus
Brandon Jovanovich, Met Opera Principal
Adam Klein, Met Opera Principal
Stefanos Koroneos, US, Europe and Asia
William (Bill) Lagundino, NY City Opera Principal
Brandon Larracuente, Various Theater, TV/Film
Paula Liscio, NY City Opera Chorus
Alex Magno, Met Opera Chorus
Roger Malouf, Met Opera Assistant Conductor
Megan Marino, Met Opera Principal
Jeffrey Mosher, Met Opera Comprimario and Chorus
Marisol Montalvo, 1st Runner Up, Miss America, 1992
Kenneth Nichols, Met Opera Chorus and Chicago Lyric Opera Chorus
Alejandro Olmedo, US, Europe and Asia
Danielle Pastin, Met Opera Principal
Sara Louise Petrocelli, Met Opera Chorus
Gerard Powers, New York City Opera Principal
Sahoko Sato, Met Opera Chorus
Sam Savage, Met Opera Chorus
Carlo Scibelli (post.), New York City Opera Principal
Christian Sebek, Current Broadway company, Phantom of the Opera
Patricia Steiner, Met Opera Comprimario and Chorus